Rest In Peace!

She can see herself on the ground,

Cold and stiff with no earthly bound,

Free from all the life’s strife,

And all the words of the world acting like a knife.

People came to pay her last respect,

Standing in between them she did expect,

A little love that she always longed for,

Was that too much to ask for?

She could hear that they were saying prayers,

Judging about her destination in their heart with fake tears,

As she could now understand them inside out,

Stop! That’s all she wanted to shout.

Instead she looked once more on the body and smiled,

Then walked away leaving everything behind.


I found myself in a lovely place,

Where a gentle breeze touched my face,

Where the mountains stood with their heads high,

And where the birds flew freely in the sky.

The river was so pure that it mirrored my face,

The grasses were so soft which reminded me to offer my prayers,

Where the sun enjoyed playing hide and seek with the clouds,

And the trees danced slowly in the wind singing their songs aloud.

Then I saw a familiar face which I love dearly,

Those eyes were speaking to me and all I wanted was a hug so tightly,

That we could breath out all our air to the atmosphere,

And release our spirits into that place that we really care.

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The Treasure..

A treasure is lost somewhere in deep.

Something so valuable that one needs to keep.

A treasure is stolen by a wicked witch.

How hard have I tried to keep it safe from the breech?

A treasure I had to give up because of the sinister disease.

Can it be a reason for me to cease?

A treasure was taken from me by the people around.

Shall I hide myself when they surround?

A treasure was vanished behind my wrinkled face.

As old I get, should I be in the loneliest place?

At last, I found out how silly I was,

To think even that the treasure was,

Taken by someone or something from outside,

As I found that the treasure was all along inside.

I started to give a smile to the mirror,

First thing in the morning when no one was nearer,

And when I stepped out of the house, I gave a smile to a crying child,

Then it occurred to me that this treasure can be shared to someone in need.

It made my day as it felt like a bliss,

The lost treasure was found on my lips.

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Spring on it’s full swing

When nature is at it’s best, all we can do is admire it’s beauty and be grateful for all the blessings of God..

Can’t take another step…
Flower shower
A meeting with the clouds
A view from my window

All these pictures were taken today while having a walk with my daughter on my phone. These views gave me so much joy and relaxation that I cannot explain. I hope that you will like them too.

A Forgotten Mother

What takes a heart to be at rest,

To not to think of all the days which were the worst.

What takes a mind not to wander to,

All the way back which were never meant to.

However I try, I can’t call them back,

It’s like they have been taken from someone in the past.

Never thought of a beautiful present turning out to be a dark pass,

A gift to hold and travel to a burning past.

Haunting memories of an innocent smile,

Blue eyes with an ocean inside,

The days were so wonderful with you on my side,

All those pictures are talking to me and tearing me from inside.

When all mothers are celebrating the day with their children by their side,

All I can hope is you are at rest with no pain to cry,

Oh my baby! I hope you are having a good time with God by your side.

Dedicated to all the mothers who lost their children.

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Soulful Eyes

Standing two feet away from me,

I knew that you were watching me.

All I could see were your eyes,

Flames of fire burning my eyes.

I couldn’t stop myself but to stare,

Wondering what else must be there.

I remember those eyes from somewhere else,

Is that from this life or the previous ones?

Are they meant to pierce my body, soul and mind?

All those questions were passing through my mind.

Those eyes were so deep and soulful,

That I could drown myself and be grateful.

When we got distracted from the people around,

I knew that those eyes will just linger around.

May be not in this life but surely in my dreams,

Ahh! I think it’s time to wake up from my sleep and say goodbye to my dreams.

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What a beautiful day! I’m so happy that we brought the kids with us today.

That’s enough for today. Come on kids… Let’s go..

Mum, we are so hungry after swimming lessons.. Can we eat some snacks?

Do you see that? They have been following us for so long.

Yes, I can. I have been trying to ignore them. Come here little one. Don’t go near to strangers.

Okay.. that’s it, you stalkers!

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True love?

They say love is blind

But why it sees only the beauty outside

They say love gives us the purpose

Yet, they use love for their purposes

They say that love is unconditional

And they rip love with all of their conditions

They say love bears everything

Then why does it break without even thinking

They say that you can find love in other’s eyes

Then why do they keep on looking for other sides

They say love heals

Then why does it causes so much hurt

If you find someone who says I love you

And then, do all the second lines

Beware of that love, my love

Because, that love is not of the truest kind.

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Is silence so meaningless?

As I can see only words can be defined.

Is silence so powerless?

As only words are ruling everyone under the sky.

Even with all it’s purity and truth,

The silence can only rely on it’s silent cry.

However unfaithful and cunning they are,

The words are having their own very best times.

Do not worry, Oh my friend,

As God knows you are humble and kind.

It may seem to them that you are empty and barren,

But the time will reveal that you are the finest wine.