Walking alone,
Tired and fed up on herself,
She felt hopeless,
On her way back home,
She found chaos everywhere,
Not only around her,
But also in her mind.

Shouting with excitement that her mama is home,
Her little daughter opened the door when she rang the bell,
Seeing her mama all exhausted,
And offering to give a head massage with her little fingers,
The daughter smiled pouring out all her love and care,
And she found her little piece of heaven,
On her daughter's lap.

15 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. hits a note JMJ, and beautifully so… rather than work away from home, ages ago now, I’d travel 500 miles daily… my daughter would get out bed at silly o’clock in the morning to fasten the knit in my tie and on my return we’d sing as many songs as we could at bath time…. Great prompt JMJ πŸ’ž

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    1. Oh bless her… We are lucky to have someone like that to love us. It’s so good to hear from you after a long time and also to know about your daughter. Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it.

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