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Something strange happened today,I got a smile for the rest of the day,We met a charming lady on our way to the shop,While I was rushing through and said my girl to chop chop.This woman at an elderly age,Was sitting on a wheelchair and looked like a sage,She waved,smiled and gave my child a shake … Continue reading Stranger

My sketch

When you are physically and mentally tired and all you need is something that can lift you up, what will you choose? What I do is, I search for my pencils and when I find them, then it’s sketch time. So, here is my sketch today. Hope you will like it.

As Years Pass By

As years pass by,I wonder if would ever see anyone to whom I said goodbye,All my friends from my childhood,And the people who lived in my neighborhood.The teachers who taught me the right from wrong,My first crush with whom I never got along,The people who encouraged me to dance and paint,The grandma next door who … Continue reading As Years Pass By

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