Nature at it’s best…

When we are really feeling down,all we have to do is to look for a sign to keep going on… Nature has it’s own way of giving us hope and an excellent ability to put a smile on a crying face.


Once full of life,It gave lives to many,Sunshine was its friend,Who used to put happiness on its face,And breeze its companion,With whom it loved to dance.Then the time changed,Starting to change its colour,Was the first sign of ageing,Now the sunshine was nomore tender,And the breeze transformed into storm.Disgraced and battered,It fell on the ground,Lying there, … Continue reading Imprint

31st of March

It snowed here on the last day of March as if weather agreed to my mood on that day. It would not be complete without a proper song accompanying the video and I think that would be the song from the animated film Frozen. The snow glows white on the mountain tonightNot a footprint to … Continue reading 31st of March

A Church At Twilight…

I walk almost everyday on the path where I have been seeing this church for more than 2 years now. I had taken several photos of it but was waiting for the perfect moment where I could feel and say “Yes!!I got it.” Yesterday, while coming back from work at night, I felt it. My … Continue reading A Church At Twilight…

When all you can see is, beauty around you….

Make magic out of each moment… It’s never about where you grow, it’s about how you grow… Even if it’s a storm outside, always carry a sunshine in your heart.. Beauty in white… Beautiful and humble… Open your eyes… This daffodil likes to photobomb… Looks like it’s raining yellow.. Nature’s own bouquet.. It doesn’t matter … Continue reading When all you can see is, beauty around you….

The Wanderer

Wanderer, what do you seek?Walking alone all your life,Is it the purpose behind your existence?Is it the truth which is buried in the dark?Or,that intense love that lives forever?Wanderer, what do you seek?While you roam from one place to another,With blind eyes and closed heart,Your purpose was right in front of you,All the way along.Wanderer, … Continue reading The Wanderer


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