The Night

When the night falls,Sun leaves you and the darkness starts to fill your eyeballs,When you stumble on every rock on your way,All alone on a road in a land far far away,When all you can hear are the screams of stillness,And you find signs of increasing frailness,Open your eyes and look in the sky,As the … Continue reading The Night

The Swing…

I’m swinging up and down,Not knowing what is coming along,As I go up, I see the most beautiful sight,And when I’m down I watch the lava flowing inside.At one point I have the heaven,An angel standing beside me,Telling the truth, separating the right from the wrong,Guiding the way, showing the perfect path for my journey.Then, … Continue reading The Swing…

The Kite

It was so wonderful to have you in my hands,That I jumped in excitement like a kid,I hugged and praised all your colourful features,And my heart swelled with pride because I knew that you belonged to me.When the wind came, you started to flutter,And I knew that you wanted to fly high in the sky,So, … Continue reading The Kite

Sketch Day

Work under progress… Second stage Finally! I finished it… Hope you will like this. Please leave your comments on the post as I would really love to read them.

Last Night…

Sometimes, dreams try to talk to you Last night I saw you on my way,Talking to someone and walking away,I saw you were all smiling and happy with your life,While you made me to think all about my life.Last night I saw you turned to look at me,And your helpless eyes spoke to me,I felt … Continue reading Last Night…

Beauty! Where is it?

With a flawless skin which has no sign of aging,And dark long hair which can be really engaging,Deep blue eyes which has an ocean inside,Anyone would love to dive in without knowing what is inside,She has a perfect smile that can lit up the sky,But with a dark heart reflecting all the evils under the … Continue reading Beauty! Where is it?

Do you feel?

Do you feel like sometimes whatever you do to make things right it’s not enough? You try and keep on trying to make other people’s life easier and happier but ultimately, you get blamed for the things that you never did. You feel like everyone’s fingers are pointing on you and you don’t even know … Continue reading Do you feel?


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