I Often Wonder..

I often wonder what made the God think, To create the whole universe with all these celestial things, Did it give Him the pleasure of making wonders? Does that include the sound of thunders? I often wonder what made the God think, To create all these beautiful living things, And then make a food chain, … Continue reading I Often Wonder..

Take Me…

Take me to that garden, Where there is no warden, Where I can see all those flowers, The mesmerizing sight in different colors. Take me to that place, Where we can find our space, Where the grasses are so green, Somewhere absolutely serene. Take me to those hills, Where the pure air fills, My body … Continue reading Take Me…

The Panic Attack

She was a lady who knew what she wanted, And only called nurses when she only doubted, That she can do an activity by herself, Or when she thought that can’t talk anymore to self. One day, she pressed the callbell, When the nurse saw her, she was panicking like hell, “Worried about something?” the … Continue reading The Panic Attack

Shine Your Light 🕯️

Today, my mood was to draw something. The theme just came to my mind and I hope that you will like it. To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are. Roy T. Bennett It’s that heart of gold, and stardust shine that makes you beautiful. R.M. Broderick Shine with all you … Continue reading Shine Your Light 🕯️

The Conflict

Closing my eyes has become a nightmare, As I can see you are still there, In my heart and in my soul, Struggling with intense emotions, when I never wanted to fall. Never thought that I would become so helpless, You are my strength and my weakness, These feelings are so powerful, Oh Lord! Should … Continue reading The Conflict


Morning started with a perfect sunshine, He smiled as he knew it was the perfect day to shine. Forgetting all about his household chores, He went out to work to bring some crores. Working hard to get all the praises, Others thought that he was so good for all the raises. With his crooked brain … Continue reading Reasons….


She remembered the day as if it was today, It felt like the man in her dreams was on her way. They kept on meeting in one place or another, Could heaven had decided to bring them together? They never spoke anything other than essential, I think that they were both in denial. Their love … Continue reading Destined?


Is it the black, brown or white, The colors that can truly describe, A man’s character and intentions, Or is his job done without any assumptions? Is it the blonde, brunette or red head The colors that can truly describe, A woman’s intelligence and kindness, Or is her good deeds with no judgements? Is it … Continue reading Colors

A Fairy Tale

A girl who loved the light, Sitting all alone in the night, Had been waiting for her knight, As she was too kind to take a fight. When the darkness surrounded her, She found out that the knight only wanted to be a heir, The promise he made was just a cold word, As he … Continue reading A Fairy Tale


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