My first step..

I took brush after a long time and started painting. It’s my first attempt in oil painting and I really do have to learn a lot. But, I’m happy that I made the first step.

Where Are Those Days?

Where are those days were people used to actually talk?When they had the time to look into someone’s eyes and speak their heart,When they sat next to each other without any gadgets, But holding their hands.Where they used to lie down on the ground,Looking at the sky,They found ‘Seven Sisters’, And taking their time for … Continue reading Where Are Those Days?

The Attention..

While fluttering around,Beautiful with vibrant colored wings, I captured your attention,And I saw that you were totally in awe of my beauty!Where is your attention?Is it on my wings?I’m not just that,Those wings are the signs of my success,From hardship and darkness,And I’m proud of them.But, I’m more than that.Once I was a caterpillar,Just like … Continue reading The Attention..


Sitting in my comfortable couch, Trying to get a solution for my boredom,I changed channels from one to another, That’s when,I heard shrieking from men and women, From a land far away.Carrying there children in their hands, They are rushing to get all the help they can have,Those children have deep hollow eyes,And with just … Continue reading Hunger

In Your Eyes…

In your eyes, I saw my life,Blossoming like a fragrant flower,With all its beauty and elegance,Like a queen with all her grace.In your eyes, I saw that flame,Which burnt my eyes to find a way to the heart,The light which brightened my soul,The fire which engulfed me whole.In your eyes, I saw lyrics of a … Continue reading In Your Eyes…

The Egg And The Enemy

She saw herself in a castle surrounded by all the courtiers. In the mirror, which was placed right in the centre of her bedroom, she found out that she was the princess. They asked her to leave the place as it was too risky to stay there. It was a fight or flight situation and … Continue reading The Egg And The Enemy


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