Farm Day, Fun Day

When the schools are closed for summer vacation, then it’s the time to explore new places. As I come from a part of the world where we can find a mini farm in most of the houses, I was missing animals in my life. My daughter is an animal lover. “Mama, can I keep that … Continue reading Farm Day, Fun Day

Leadership Is A State Of Mind

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams In this modern world, where everyone is competing against each other for a promotion, most of us think that leadership is about a position. A position, where you can control and manage others … Continue reading Leadership Is A State Of Mind

A to Z Of Us!

A lot to tell about us, But will you allow me to be honest? Can’t you see the beauty in truth? Deep inside I know you are good. Each and every moment is special, Forgive and find your purpose, Grace is what we all need, Heaven will bless us for all our needs. Intelligent you … Continue reading A to Z Of Us!

Myriad Hues Of Nature

Yesterday, while walking back from work at around 20:30pm at night, I saw this beautiful sunset. Nature always helps me to relax and I hope that you will enjoy this picture too. Walking through darkness with thoughts full of colors. Prajakta Mhadnak If you’re to choose to paint your life today… What will it be? … Continue reading Myriad Hues Of Nature


Shattered into pieces by her unkind fate, She was in a complete disastrous state, Called by the society as a misfit, She was about to surrender in defeat. Then a voice came from inside, “There’s a lot in you that you have not tried, Take your time to make it right, Believe in yourself and … Continue reading Glued

What Made You Think?

What made you think that you are beautiful than others? Is that your face and an unblemished skin which has only a few days to expire? What made you think that you are stronger than others? Is that the physical strength of your body which can be taken by an accident or a disease you … Continue reading What Made You Think?


Walking on the beach and letting the sunlight touch my skin, I allowed sand and water to be my kin, While listening to the waves and watching the birds sing, Tears rolled down as it made my heart swing. Thinking only about all the disappointments and downs in my life, I wasn’t being grateful to … Continue reading Grace


How can you be so clueless about yourself?The lives you make and the lives you break by your presence.How can you be so clueless about your desires?So powerful that it can build or destroy someones world without any notice of prior.How can you be so clueless about your intentions?Every move you make can protect or … Continue reading Clueless


A beautiful creature inside and out, Silent in nature by default, Was prejudiced because of its appearances, And their screams were deafening to its interiors. Threatened to stay inside its hole, Was always chased by others with a wooden pole, Each time it came out to find its food, They circled around to beat at … Continue reading Poisoned

Embrace to let go..

When sadness surrounds you, Run to a place to find your solitude if you need to, Shed your tears as much as you want, But come back with a smiling heart. When despair haunts you, Don’t allow it to break you, Seek help from someone, to whom you can talk to, Speak up and find … Continue reading Embrace to let go..


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