Farm Day, Fun Day

When the schools are closed for summer vacation, then it’s the time to explore new places. As I come from a part of the world where we can find a mini farm in most of the houses, I was missing animals in my life. My daughter is an animal lover. “Mama, can I keep that cat?” “Mama, how about a dog?” “Oh! I love rabbits. They are so cute.” “Mama, can we keep chicks or ducks as pets.” These are just some of the examples that she asks about keeping a pet at home. So, we decided to go to a farm today.

The place is so beautiful and serene. A wonderful place for children as well as adults. My daughter loved feeding animals there. Another attraction for her was to find the fairies and their houses. The walk and the nature itself helped me to relax and calm my mind.

Sheeps came running as soon as they saw us. They knew we had their food and I had an excited kid beside me.

Those hens reminded me of my childhood. I had hens, Blacky and Browny when I was a kid. I still remember the day they died one after another because of some flu. My mom told the news when I came back from school. I did cry a lot on that day.

Ducks were hungry so as the goose. So, the goose decided to peck them all to have some food.

While, other geese were enjoying a lazy day.

Turkeys were into some show off mood today, I guess. To be honest, my daughter got afraid of them.

I loved these two and it was so much fun watching and especially feeding them. They are so adorable.

Those piglets reminded my daughter of her favorite character, Peppa Pig. They do love muddy puddles!!

In short, it was an absolute fun day!!

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A to Z Of Us!

A lot to tell about us,

But will you allow me to be honest?

Can’t you see the beauty in truth?

Deep inside I know you are good.

Each and every moment is special,

Forgive and find your purpose,

Grace is what we all need,

Heaven will bless us for all our needs.

Intelligent you are, I know but,

Joyous is that what you are searching for?

Keep your kindness and compassion,

Let your heart open and you will find what you were looking for.

Mourning for each and everything will not help,

Night always comes before the sunshine,

Out there you will find others who can help,

People who will lead you out of darkness.

Quick, the time is running out,

Reach out to others who need your help,

Start your day with a prayer in your heart,

Thinking of all the blessings you had.

Up and up you fly above the clouds,

Venting out all the negativity and be proud,

While flying above, don’t forget about the ground,

Xenial and humble you will be known,

Your unconditional love can make another person’s life,

Zen is what, in return, you will achieve.

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Embrace to let go..

When sadness surrounds you,

Run to a place to find your solitude if you need to,

Shed your tears as much as you want,

But come back with a smiling heart.

When despair haunts you,

Don’t allow it to break you,

Seek help from someone, to whom you can talk to,

Speak up and find a purpose to live to.

When you feel like you are all alone,

No one you can trust is around,

Take a pen and a diary in your hands,

And write everything to let it out, my friends.

When you feel like you are overwhelmed,

Embrace it to understand,

That the time can heal any wound,

And prepare yourself to let go, my friend.

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Still Walking..

I’m still walking the walk I love,

Where I can feel the fresh air,

See the sunrise and the birds fly,

But where are you?

I’m still walking and taking the same paths,

Where I can smell the blooming flowers,

Touch and blow the dandelions,

But where are you?

I’m still walking on the same roads,

Where streetlights glow at night,

And I can see the moonlight,

But where are you?

I’m still walking and hoping,

That I will meet you on the same crossroad,

Where I decided to look back and found that you were watching me,

But where are you?

I’m still walking…

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Show Me…

Show me the real you,

The one I have been longing to see through,

Where the wrinkles don’t have to hide,

And the hairs don’t have to be dyed.

Show me the real you,

The one which wanted to escape from you,

Where the lies don’t have to take place of the truth,

Where your eyes can speak your mind with no greed of fruit.

Show me the real you,

The one where all your scars are a part of you,

Where I can touch and name each one of those,

And yet, you will be proud and never in your lows.

Show me the real you,

The one which has all feelings and emotions of you,

Where you don’t have to face backwards to allow the tears to come through,

And can show your strength by spreading the love in you.

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I found myself in a lovely place,

Where a gentle breeze touched my face,

Where the mountains stood with their heads high,

And where the birds flew freely in the sky.

The river was so pure that it mirrored my face,

The grasses were so soft which reminded me to offer my prayers,

Where the sun enjoyed playing hide and seek with the clouds,

And the trees danced slowly in the wind singing their songs aloud.

Then I saw a familiar face which I love dearly,

Those eyes were speaking to me and all I wanted was a hug so tightly,

That we could breath out all our air to the atmosphere,

And release our spirits into that place that we really care.

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May Be…

We were in love when the fate decided to separate us,

Holding on end of the rope from top of the mountain,

You told me that you would never let me go,

But, when I decided to let go of myself from your life,

I just was making sure you to be safe and happy even without me in it,

But, I promised that I will be waiting for you in the next .

While falling I asked you to run as soldiers were marching towards you,

I saw you were dragged out of my sight as I was slowly closing my eyes.

I have been waiting one life after another as I promised,

Searching for you, I knew that I will recognize you,

As our souls knew each other long before that these generations could even think,

When we finally met, you had no memory of the past,

You thought that it was just another thing and could make some time pass,

May be I will have to wait hundreds of years to see the whole you again,

When you will remember the end of the rope and the hope in my eyes,

Or may be you will just listen to your soul this time.

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Take Me…

Take me to that garden,

Where there is no warden,

Where I can see all those flowers,

The mesmerizing sight in different colors.

Take me to that place,

Where we can find our space,

Where the grasses are so green,

Somewhere absolutely serene.

Take me to those hills,

Where the pure air fills,

My body and my soul,

Where the fear has no control.

Take me to that beach,

Where the prophets like to give speech,

Where the sun and earth meet,

The horizon which is so sweet.

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The Conflict

Closing my eyes has become a nightmare,

As I can see you are still there,

In my heart and in my soul,

Struggling with intense emotions, when I never wanted to fall.

Never thought that I would become so helpless,

You are my strength and my weakness,

These feelings are so powerful,

Oh Lord! Should I be grateful,

For this love which is so painful,

And yet, nothing has been so meaningful.

Should I save the sight?

Or shall I blow out the light?

Will my faith survive?

Or is this flame going to burn me alive?

I know all the answers deep inside,

But, how can I show it outside?

How can I calm this conflicted mind?

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She remembered the day as if it was today,

It felt like the man in her dreams was on her way.

They kept on meeting in one place or another,

Could heaven had decided to bring them together?

They never spoke anything other than essential,

I think that they were both in denial.

Their love grew to an extent that no one could explain,

Standing still and tongue tied, they both endured the pain.

Then came along the third and took away her dream,

She thought that it might be the best for him.

Time flew and months passed,

She never saw him near but always felt, did he just pass?

She doubted herself as if she was hallucinating,

As she could see a figure across the road at night waiting.

She dreamt of the day, she would see him again in person,

Longing for the comfort with all the answers to her questions.

Fate decided to play the game again she loved and agreed,

Frozen in time and still tongue tied only one question came to their mind, ‘Are we destined?’

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