Shattered into pieces by her unkind fate,

She was in a complete disastrous state,

Called by the society as a misfit,

She was about to surrender in defeat.

Then a voice came from inside,

“There’s a lot in you that you have not tried,

Take your time to make it right,

Believe in yourself and give a good fight.”

So she picked herself up from the ground,

Every little broken pieces of her and glued,

To make it whole and beautiful again,

And made sure to put some flowers too this time which was a gain.

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A Fairy Tale

A girl who loved the light,

Sitting all alone in the night,

Had been waiting for her knight,

As she was too kind to take a fight.

When the darkness surrounded her,

She found out that the knight only wanted to be a heir,

The promise he made was just a cold word,

As he wished to fly away like a migrating bird.

A girl who loved the light,

Started to look for a new site,

Where she could be herself without a fright,

So, she travelled a long way to see the light.

She kept herself busy in her new place,

Helping others and making a living for her own space,

It occurred to her that she had to be both humble and bold,

That’s when she found the light right next to her sword.

Her journey didn’t stop in finding her spark,

She knew there are others who lived in the dark,

The girl who loved the light?

Tale is that she became the knight of light.

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The Treasure..

A treasure is lost somewhere in deep.

Something so valuable that one needs to keep.

A treasure is stolen by a wicked witch.

How hard have I tried to keep it safe from the breech?

A treasure I had to give up because of the sinister disease.

Can it be a reason for me to cease?

A treasure was taken from me by the people around.

Shall I hide myself when they surround?

A treasure was vanished behind my wrinkled face.

As old I get, should I be in the loneliest place?

At last, I found out how silly I was,

To think even that the treasure was,

Taken by someone or something from outside,

As I found that the treasure was all along inside.

I started to give a smile to the mirror,

First thing in the morning when no one was nearer,

And when I stepped out of the house, I gave a smile to a crying child,

Then it occurred to me that this treasure can be shared to someone in need.

It made my day as it felt like a bliss,

The lost treasure was found on my lips.

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Spring on it’s full swing

When nature is at it’s best, all we can do is admire it’s beauty and be grateful for all the blessings of God..

Can’t take another step…
Flower shower
A meeting with the clouds
A view from my window

All these pictures were taken today while having a walk with my daughter on my phone. These views gave me so much joy and relaxation that I cannot explain. I hope that you will like them too.

A Forgotten Mother

What takes a heart to be at rest,

To not to think of all the days which were the worst.

What takes a mind not to wander to,

All the way back which were never meant to.

However I try, I can’t call them back,

It’s like they have been taken from someone in the past.

Never thought of a beautiful present turning out to be a dark pass,

A gift to hold and travel to a burning past.

Haunting memories of an innocent smile,

Blue eyes with an ocean inside,

The days were so wonderful with you on my side,

All those pictures are talking to me and tearing me from inside.

When all mothers are celebrating the day with their children by their side,

All I can hope is you are at rest with no pain to cry,

Oh my baby! I hope you are having a good time with God by your side.

Dedicated to all the mothers who lost their children.

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The Pretence

So, how’s this, this mask?

Do I look pretty? Do I look smart?

Tell me, what is my role today?

Should I just keep my eyes dry or should I also wear a smile?

All those bruises can be made unseen

With a make up and no one will ever be keen

To question how fake is the smile

Or am I living a lie

An abuser lives in all of us

Some find happiness in other’s tears

Beating up, mocking up and blocking everything what is dear

Making me to wish that the death is near

Others like to turn a blind eye

Never reach out but love to give a long sigh

All I want is someone to sit beside

No need to talk, just hold my hands tight

It’s another day as I can see the light

I should be ready for the people outside

So tell me, how’s this, this mask?

Do I look pretty? Do I look smart?

Dedicated to the victims of all kinds of abuse who manage to wear a mask everyday and pretend to be okay. 

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What’s Your Status?

Clearing my exams with distinction

Looking forward to get the admission

They stopped me on my way and asked me

Hey girl, what’s your status?

Finishing my college with flying colors

Preparing myself to get my dream job and put some feathers

I found people on my way who asked me

Hey girl, what’s your status?

When I thought I found a perfect match

We could live forever with love in our hearts

But again, I was surrounded by people who asked me

Hey girl, what’s your status?

Hearing those questions all along

Starting to question myself whether I’m alone

I found the answer to that question inside me

So now, when people surround to ask me

Hey girl, what’s your status?

Looking in their eyes and standing on my ground

You know what I say, this is my status.

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Look Up To A Tree

When I was happy, I looked up to a tree

It showed me how to dance with the wind.

When I had sorrow, I looked up to a tree

It made me to hang on till the storm changed to a breeze.

When I was proud, I looked up to a tree

It taught me to stay rooted and be humble.

When everything crashed down, I looked up to a tree

I learned to be patient with the things that cannot be changed.

When I had more than what I needed, I looked up to a tree

I found that the true happiness is in giving what others need.

When I was hurt, I looked up to a tree

And it showed me that the healing was always from within.

When I felt alone, I looked up to a tree

It made me to believe in myself and to trust that I’m unique.

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Is silence so meaningless?

As I can see only words can be defined.

Is silence so powerless?

As only words are ruling everyone under the sky.

Even with all it’s purity and truth,

The silence can only rely on it’s silent cry.

However unfaithful and cunning they are,

The words are having their own very best times.

Do not worry, Oh my friend,

As God knows you are humble and kind.

It may seem to them that you are empty and barren,

But the time will reveal that you are the finest wine.