My Mood, My Music..

Music has always been an integral part of our lives. It has the power to affect our body, mind and soul. Have you ever thought of a life without any music? How boring that would be!

Music plays an essential part in my life. I have a song for my each and every mood. I listen to my playlists when I go for a walk, while cooking or even when I’m stressed and can’t sleep. It’s there when I’m happy, anxious, disappointed or sad.

Music helps me to calm my body and mind. It soothes me in a way that I can relax myself even in a very stressful situation. It’s like a meditation for me. Like everyone else, I have my own favourite artists but it’s the catching lyrics that I’m mostly into. I used to love a particular genre earlier in my life. At present, my music depends upon my mood. I listen to pop, classical or even rock as long as I can relate it to my current situation.

Do you think that your taste on music has been changed over time?