When the going gets tough….

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going” is a popular quote which made me think a lot lately. The quote suggests that only the strong can survive through the difficult situation, which is right. So my question is, are some people hardwired to be strong or is it the process of handling rough circumstances one after another makes a person tough like a diamond?

The innate quality of being strong would be a great gift in our lives. Having a high emotional quotient and to be able to mentally and emotionally stable whatever comes through in our lives would be a blessing that everyone would want to. But everyone is not born with it, isn’t it?

The most advantage of being a human being is to learn the lessons from it’s past. It’s something that each one of can do even if we are born strong or not. It’s really hard to stand in the midst of the storm and to remind yourself that you have gone through these kind of difficult situations several times and that you can handle it again. But I can assure you that we can do it if we take our time and move slowly but steadily through the rough times. There are so many examples of people around us who were born as an ordinary but lived an extraordinary life showing the power of resilience. And it’s not just about the world leaders, but also the people who we know personally like mother, father, sibling , a neighbor, a friend or a colleague.

What do you think that they do to shine like a diamond after all the problems they have went through? How do they make themselves so strong to face anything that comes in their lives? I think we can discuss that in my next blog as it needs some serious thinking. Till then, take care of yourselves.