Am I Enough?

“Am I enough?”, it’s a question that I have asked myself several times on several occasions. If I’m not wrong most of us must have felt the same at least once in our lives. It’s a feeling of not being complete or not worthy enough for someone or something. Do you think that it is natural to feel not good enough?

What is being enough? Is it being physically healthy? Or being intelligent? Or famous? Or beautiful? Does our value as a human being depends on these external qualities which others can see? Or is it anything to do with us as an individual, as a person?

As I said earlier, this question has popped up into my mind several times. When I was going to sit for an entrance exam, when I got a job, when I got promoted, when I was getting married and when I gave birth to my child, every single time I started onto something new or fresh, I had doubted myself. I knew that it was not healthy but I couldn’t help myself there.

Being enough is a state of mind. It doesn’t depends on how our body is, how intelligent we are or how important in the society are we. It’s about trusting on ourselves, to be grateful for our lives, abilities and talents, to forgive ourselves for the mistakes that we had done and to carry on. It’s not about waiting for someone to make us whole because we already are complete and that’s how God has created us. It doesn’t depends on our age, sex, physical and mental ability or disability, color, social status, caste, religion or race. I don’t deny on the fact that we are social animals but to have someone in our lives who loves and respects us should be an addition and not a substitute. To make ourselves acceptable in the society, we don’t have to punish ourselves. There is no point in the sense of belonging with others if I don’t belong to myself.

In short, I learned that it’s really essential to know our worth because we all are complete by ourselves. If we would all know our value, there will be no place for insecurity, low self-esteem, low integrity, jealousy or rivalry and the world would be a better place.

Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.

Lao Tzu

Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look.

Marcus Aurelius

It is difficult to make a man miserable while he feels worthy of himself and claims kindred to the great God who made him.

Abraham Lincoln

You will never gain anyone’s approval by begging for it. When you stand confident in your own worth, respect follows.

Mandy Hale

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