Do you see me?
Standing on the side,
Without any movements.
May be I'm just a pole,
With a bulb on my head.
With no special traits to attract,
But to just give all the light that I can.
When you struggle in darkness,
To show you the way,to avoid any harm.
So the next time you pass by,
At the very least, can you acknowledge my existence?
Do you see me now?

16 thoughts on “Streetlights….

    1. It’s definitely not. This poem came to my mind when i saw those streetlights while I was walking to work like 2 weeks ago. Made a draft of it then. Could only edit it today and publish.


  1. Lovely street light capture you! I like much. Lovely & emotionally words✍️you. So …so… special write up poem πŸ‘Œ

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      1. well atleast my comment reached to you!! Most of my comments are disappearing on any new site that I visit. I comment only to show my appreciation and respect towards someone’s work. I don’t just randomly like stuff in bundle.

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