The Egg And The Enemy

She saw herself in a castle surrounded by all the courtiers. In the mirror, which was placed right in the centre of her bedroom, she found out that she was the princess. They asked her to leave the place as it was too risky to stay there. It was a fight or flight situation and she was a fighter. She would never leave anyone behind.

Knowing her very well, one of her advisor handed her an egg. She gave him a perplexed look. What was this all about? He told her that the enemies had already reached the gate and she should protect that egg from any harm. That was her duty towards the kingdom.

So,she ran as fast as she could keeping that egg safely in one hand and holding the sword in another. While running, she developed an attachment towards that egg as if it was something which belonged to her. It gave her a purpose to live and fight with the enemies with all her courage and strength.

In that dark night, where the moon also forgot to show herself, princess ran towards the battlement to reach the tower. She tripped on something and the egg fell from her hand. She screamed out of fear and pain. While falling from the height, the egg cracked and she saw a beautiful baby. A human baby from an egg!!!

It was quarter to four in the morning. When I had woken up from the sleep all panicked and worried, I found myself all wet in my sweat after a terrible fight in the dream. Correction… Nightmare!

I still don’t understand why on the earth I was protecting an egg and why would a human baby hatch from it!! Any explanation or suggestions are welcomed.

Please leave your comments on the post as I would really love to read them.

17 thoughts on “The Egg And The Enemy

  1. So beautiful thought written. Amazing words use in some lines. I like. I read after think what a great meaningful little story .Ian so happy.

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    1. β€œWhile falling from the height, the egg cracked and she saw a beautiful baby. A human baby from an egg!!!”
      The egg will not crack while falling until it strikes the hard ground or obstruction so it’s just a dream or nightmare whatever you call it ; anyway the story is a beautiful one and I expect many more stories from you ! Keep writing πŸ‘πŸ€πŸ˜Š

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  2. Fascinating , awesome story. Baby from an Egg, could be fear we protect so much becomes a beautiful new found freedom when we let it go. I think all of us are protecting an egg, some we in common, others uniquely personal. Bad or good, it’s casing is fragile. But in time, it will crack, and only then we would know what happens next.

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