The Kite

It was so wonderful to have you in my hands,
That I jumped in excitement like a kid,
I hugged and praised all your colourful features,
And my heart swelled with pride because I knew that you belonged to me.
When the wind came, you started to flutter,
And I knew that you wanted to fly high in the sky,
So, I carefully chose the string to tie it with you,
Then ran towards the highest peak that I ever knew.

I looked for the wind directions to help you with your flight,
And slowly detached myself from you for your wish to come true,
When I saw your happiness I had to cut the string that attached you with me,
To let you go,to see you roam freely.
But, when the wind settles and you find that there is not even a breeze,
To keep you motivated with your flight,
Find your way back home,
And I will be waiting with the perfect string to launch you back in the sky.

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28 thoughts on “The Kite

  1. Why did you cut the string when you had hugged it a lot ?Did you do it deliberately when you know it will not be able to find you on its own?May be you wanted to get a new kite which is more colorful .Thanks a lot for sharing .Take care.🙏😊

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    1. I think, sometimes we just have to let go for other’s happiness. May be it gives us the satisfaction and joy to see them happy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Much appreciated.

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  2. Wow, this was such an amazing poem! Sometimes you have to let go, makes you even more happy than trying to hold on. I loved the writing, you struck so many strings going back into the memory lane. Absolutely loved this!

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