Last Night…

Sometimes, dreams try to talk to you

Last night I saw you on my way,
Talking to someone and walking away,
I saw you were all smiling and happy with your life,
While you made me to think all about my life.
Last night I saw you turned to look at me,
And your helpless eyes spoke to me,
I felt a twitch in my heart as I saw the sea infront of you,
Were you happy for yourself or for someone that you knew?
Last night I saw that you were saying goodbye,
While wind whispered in my ears all the secrets of your eye,
In that cold dark night I saw your tears coming through,
Last night I think I dreamt of you.

23 thoughts on “Last Night…

  1. It’s such a beautifully written poem. Dreams are complex, but many people do feel that it’s a way of communication for the people who either are dead or left us forever! I see my young brother a lot in my dreams. He died at the age of 18!

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  2. To remember your dreams and then write about those visions, is indeed a wonderful gift Joyce … and one that seems to within me too …. šŸ¤—šŸ„°šŸŒ

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  3. Really beautifully written! I can really relate to this one, the idea of a dream trying to tell you something and it being with you forever. It’s a wonderful gift to be able to recollect the images you dream of, isn’t it?

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