Beauty! Where is it?

With a flawless skin which has no sign of aging,
And dark long hair which can be really engaging,
Deep blue eyes which has an ocean inside,
Anyone would love to dive in without knowing what is inside,
She has a perfect smile that can lit up the sky,
But with a dark heart reflecting all the evils under the sky.

Other one is an epitome of ugliness that's how the world see,
With no facial features or perfect teeth,
People love to swipe quickly as her picture comes on screen,
But her acts of kindnesses are always honoured behind the screen.
Her eyes are doves symbolizing peace and love,
And hands so warm that can calm any storm with a touch or a hug,
She is a free spirit woman who you can never tame,
So, if I want to define beauty what it would be?

17 thoughts on “Beauty! Where is it?

  1. beauty is something which cannot be defined. It can be seen and felt…but differently!!..Sometimes when you like.a person , she/ he automatically appears to be beautiful…because its all about how you see it…BEAUTY LIES IN THE EYES OF BEHOLDER!

    I learnt this the hard way…but now I absolutely love myself!!

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    1. You are absolutely right and I’m really glad that you started to love yourself now. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here. I really appreciate it.


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