As Years Pass By

As years pass by,
I wonder if would ever see anyone to whom I said goodbye,
All my friends from my childhood,
And the people who lived in my neighborhood.

The teachers who taught me the right from wrong,
My first crush with whom I never got along,
The people who encouraged me to dance and paint,
The grandma next door who told the story of a saint.

As years pass by,
I wonder to how many people I have said goodbye,
The people who once I thought that I could not live without,
Now, sometimes I think what was that about?

As years pass by,
I wonder how fast the time flies by,
If I could ever walk back my life,
I would never miss a chance to say a proper goodbye even though we had a strife.

36 thoughts on “As Years Pass By

  1. You have a knack of hitting the right emotions with your words. This piece reminded me of a lot of things from my childhood, actually everything you talk about here seems so relatable. I love the way you write, the smooth flow, the rhyme, it seems like a perfect song. Loved this!

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  2. Beautifully expressed and the image goes so well with the poem. A ‘proper goodbye’ is haunting. We rarely think of our meeting with someone may be the final meeting. It’s a good reflection to keep each moment precious. Thank you for the post!

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