I don’t know what love is…

I don't know what love is,
But I'm sure it's not breaking another's trust,
It's not comparing one to another,
It's not keeping secrets to self,
It's not hiding the truth from other,
It's not pointing out only the weaknesses,
It's not blaming the other for the disastrous event,
It's not being selfish and thinking just about yourself,
It's not humiliating the other infront of your friends,
It's not owning the other like a material,
It's not about age,sex, money,status,race or religion,
Now, I know what love is,
It's just the opposite of all the above said,
Love is love,
Nothing less or nothing more.

19 thoughts on “I don’t know what love is…

  1. Love is everywhere ….
    Where Is Love?

    Behind every word
    There is a thought
    Between every thought
    There is an emotion
    Underneath the emotion
    There is a heartbeat
    Below the heartbeat
    There is a soul
    Within the soul
    There lives love

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  2. Wow wow wow..! My dear Joyce, you’re a sweetheart..! How BEAUTIFULLY and wonderfully you have penned..! I loved it very much..! It’s truly fantastic dear..! Such a sweet and marvellous poem about Love..! Keep shinning my dear..! Have a beautiful day..!πŸ€—πŸ˜Šβœ¨

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