I wake up every morning,
Promising myself that I won't be moaning,
But when all the whys come alive,
All I want is to take a deep dive.
Why we were born in different times?
Why did I meet you in a wrong place and time?
Why I was able to see right into you?
Why my fate is playing games separating me from you?
As it aches every inch of my heart,
Knowing that it is owned by you,
And it is still longing to see you,
When I know it's not good for me or you.

15 thoughts on “Whys???

  1. >>>capture love release love release never capture love release>>>

    for everyone there’s a yearning for the unattainable other…

    if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find that it is you after all and…

    all along your heart beats for you and you alone…

    and your breath breathes to remind you so….

    the art of sharing your precious joy…

    well, that’s another thing entirely….


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