What Made You Think?

What made you think that you are beautiful than others?
Is that your face and an unblemished skin which has only a few days to expire?

What made you think that you are stronger than others?
Is that the physical strength of your body which can be taken by an accident or a disease you acquire?

What made you think that you are superior to others?
Is that your status and money which all can be gone by a heavy rain or a fire?

What made you think that you are higher than others?
Is that your religion which is making you to conspire?

What made you think that you are above of any other human being in the world?
Because the day you are buried in the ground, worms will have the pleasure of eating you without any discriminations or bias.

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21 thoughts on “What Made You Think?

  1. for years did I cry,
    not from fear of another beating ,
    not from pock faced scars that were ear to ear,
    and not from seemingly endless jeers,
    but from a heart so numb it had died,
    then one day this all stopped,
    no ticking and no tock,
    the springs wound too tight,
    no cockoo to shout in the hours of day and night,
    no more fright,
    instead this heart opened to its own beat,
    no dragging of heels,
    a skip in the feet,
    for i realised the strength within,
    divinely given and without guilt or sin,
    did rise up did I,
    so big I touch the sky,
    no longer did this boy wish to die,
    for love of one’s self,
    happiness within,
    greater than anything outside,
    it is this that does shine,
    and so brightly,
    just so,
    so much to fill me head to toe,
    and star dust from above,
    will fall your way too,
    it may happen as you fasten a shoe,
    it may happen as you sit on the loo,
    it may happen as you search for a clue,
    but rest assured,
    if it happened to me,
    it will happen to you too,
    it is this that makes me as good as I can be,
    I can see it you,
    as you are in me,
    it is this that us as big as can be,
    knowing this love in me is a given,
    for all time,
    and lives in you,
    as it lives in me,
    not better or worse,
    according to the song or verse,
    according to a supposed timeless curse,
    dished out at gatherings with a collection purse,
    it is just so,
    if you let it be,
    being truly yourself,
    allows me to be me.

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      1. I drift off topic very easily but your words hit a chord and vibrated in me… I am 2nd generation Irish having grown up in England when Irish Catholics faced alot of discrimination… largely arising from the uncertainty created by dispute over English Occupation and I’ll treatment of Catholics in Northern Ireland. This spilled over to the mainland. So I know how it feels to live in the shadows of others sense of superiority and all that derived from this. Your writing it out is very liberating to me. My reply a reflection on how I coped with it. Thank you Dear Friend.

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      2. Thank you so much for sharing your life experiences and how you dealt with it. I can understand that it must have been really hard for you. Sorry to hear that but happy for you because you learned to cope with it.


    1. So true… We, sometimes intentionally forget who we are basically and take pride in judging others while making us superior to them. I’m glad that you liked it. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts here.😊

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