She remembered the day as if it was today,
It felt like the man in her dreams was on her way.
They kept on meeting in one place or another,
Could heaven had decided to bring them together?
They never spoke anything other than essential,
I think that they were both in denial.
Their love grew to an extent that no one could explain,
Standing still and tongue tied, they both endured the pain.

Then came along the third and took away her dream,
She thought that it might be the best for him.
Time flew and months passed,
She never saw him near but always felt, did he just pass?
She doubted herself as if she was hallucinating,
As she could see a figure across the road at night waiting.
She dreamt of the day, she would see him again in person,
Longing for the comfort with all the answers to her questions.
Fate decided to play the game again she loved and agreed,
Frozen in time and still tongue tied only one question came to their mind, 'Are we destined?'

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24 thoughts on “Destined?

    1. I hope you had a good experience what fate brought you. I think it must feel good when you know you are meant to be. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. I really appreciate it.


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