The Treasure..

A treasure is lost somewhere in deep.
Something so valuable that one needs to keep.
A treasure is stolen by a wicked witch.
How hard have I tried to keep it safe from the breech?
A treasure I had to give up because of the sinister disease.
Can it be a reason for me to cease?
A treasure was taken from me by the people around.
Shall I hide myself when they surround?
A treasure was vanished behind my wrinkled face.
As old I get, should I be in the loneliest place?

At last, I found out how silly I was,
To think even that the treasure was,
Taken by someone or something from outside,
As I found that the treasure was all along inside.
I started to give a smile to the mirror,
First thing in the morning when no one was nearer,
And when I stepped out of the house, I gave a smile to a crying child,
Then it occurred to me that this treasure can be shared to someone in need.
It made my day as it felt like a bliss,
The lost treasure was found on my lips.

Please leave your comments on the post as I would really love to read them.

35 thoughts on “The Treasure..

  1. It looks like you are preaching here to the converted. I never get up unhappy, angry, or hormonally challenged like those who say “don’t talk to me in the morning or I will bite your head off!”

    At least the little group of us here can keep on smiling.

    Thank you.


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    1. I was not trying to preach here but to say something which I felt about. Some days can get really rough and it can be difficult for us to even smile. I’m happy to here that you start your day with so much positivity. Keep smiling.😊


      1. The term “preaching to the converted” is not literally meaning that, but rather saying something we all know and agree on.

        You made a valid and necessary point, it is just a shame the audience was so small.


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  2. You had my attention from the start as soon as you said β€˜A treasure lost somewhere in deep’….such a profound statement and I can see why you love this poem. Thank you for sharing

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