A Little Air

All she wanted was some air...

Tina, a 21 year old young girl was out shopping with her friends. They had been planning for this get together for about three months now and finally they were able to see each other. It was a busy shopping mall as everyone was trying to buy something for their holidays ahead. The lockdown was over and the joy and excitement could be seen in all of the faces gathered there.

Tina was talking to her friends about her time at home during lockdown. Suddenly, she could feel that she was out of breath. As the whole mall was packed with people, she said to her friends, “I need some air” and went outside . She could only reach the exit of the mall were she started to gasp for air and fell down. She was brought to hospital by her friends where they saw a large queue. Only then, they found out that a deadly mutant of the virus was in air and the people were rushing to hospitals with shortness of breath and high fever. Hospital beds were all filled up and health care workers were running up and down for the supplies as everything were in short. Her friends were trying to figure out how to get a doctor to see her and at that moment, Tina collapsed on the ground saying ,”I can’t breathe….. I need a little air, please.”

At the age of 21, Tina died without proper treatment and oxygen. During her funeral, the mother said to her friends, “I told her several times to not to go out because she was not feeling well.” She told that Tina was feeling feverish and yet, she didn’t change her mind. She said to me, “I can’t be inside home anymore. All I want is a little air. I’m going out to meet my friends.” Listening to that, her friends said to her mother, “we need some air” and came out of her house.

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30 thoughts on “A Little Air

  1. It’s very heartbreaking to know about young boys and girls dying of Covid at such a tender age.

    Back in December, my family members also badly affected by covid. It’s so overwhelming that we immediately left for our home country. Unfortunately, my father in law died due to corona and the rest consoledπŸ™. Seems like we are living in a world of tragic endings.

    Wearing a mask accurately at the right time has become crucial for survival.

    Very beautifully written and portrayed that how in this current scenario we are not united but gasping for one more gust of air!

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    1. I’m really sorry for your loss and for all the sufferings that you and your family has endured due to this deadly disease. Hope all of you are well enough now. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Much appreciated.

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