What’s Your Status?

Clearing my exams with distinction

Looking forward to get the admission

They stopped me on my way and asked me

Hey girl, what’s your status?

Finishing my college with flying colors

Preparing myself to get my dream job and put some feathers

I found people on my way who asked me

Hey girl, what’s your status?

When I thought I found a perfect match

We could live forever with love in our hearts

But again, I was surrounded by people who asked me

Hey girl, what’s your status?

Hearing those questions all along

Starting to question myself whether I’m alone

I found the answer to that question inside me

So now, when people surround to ask me

Hey girl, what’s your status?

Looking in their eyes and standing on my ground

You know what I say, this is my status.

Please leave your comments on the topic as I would really love to read them.

28 thoughts on “What’s Your Status?

    1. Finding our inner strength is so important when everyone is trying to discourage us. And again, me and my problems with posting comments. 🀦 The next one is also for you.😊

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      1. I disagree, with your statement: ” of course they are struggling.”
        Fact is exactly opposite friends!
        Actually ” New souls are always on a wrong direction! “


  1. Lol, I never clear my exams with distinction😁 but if you do, congratulations!

    I love the ending though so touching and shows the power of character building. More strength to you, dear friend.

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