True love?

They say love is blind,
But why it sees only the beauty outside.
They say love gives us the purpose,
Yet, they use love for their purposes.
They say that love is unconditional,
And they rip love with all of their conditions.
They say love bears everything,
Then why does it break without even thinking.
They say that you can find love in other's eyes,
Then why do they keep on looking for other sides.
They say love heals,
Then why does it causes so much hurt.
If you find someone who says I love you,
And then, do all the second lines,
Beware of that love, my love!
Because, that love is not of the truest kind.

Please leave your comments on the topic as I would really love to read them.

23 thoughts on “True love?

  1. A beautiful poem depicting the facts..πŸ’”
    Love is not always love,it hurts, it pains, it pricks, it’s everything and it’s still called Love and I don’t know why!? Very beautifully penned dear Joyce πŸ‘ I

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