The Final Battle!

You show me your face with your mischievous smile

You hold my hands to convince me that it’s my time

You promise me that there is a wonderful world outside

You want me to travel with you and to turn a blind eye

I know that you are the absolute truth

And no one can deny your immense strength

As death is your name that we all agree that we know of

You are that unconquerable emperor that no one can think of

To even look at your face, forget to fight

This could be just a fun for you, Oh you beautiful sight

And your sword may be the mightiest

But I have my own reasons to fight

I promise you that in the end when you conquer me in the battle

I will be the queen with the crown and a smile.

Please leave your comments on the topic as I would really love to read them.

6 thoughts on “The Final Battle!

  1. Wow, “mischievous smile”. Indeed. The pandemic has made me think a lot about the “absolute truth” and the “unconquerable emperor”. LOL. It’s our ultimate losing fight, but we are the valiant gladiators.

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