I Dream To Be Pain Free…

A person who is in chronic pain said that she dreams to be pain free. I never thought that the continues physical strain and mental stress can cause so much pain that a person can’t even walk in her middle age. She is a mother of one beautiful child and a professional who has a permanent job in one of the busiest fields, health care. Now, while on sick leave and on regular medications for pain, she just wants to do her daily activities independently and to do her job without any adjustments or assistance. How painful is that?

I remember reading a quote about pain, but that didn’t strike me then, as it does now.

Some people dream of winning the lottery,

Some people dream of owning a Porsche,

Some people dream of having a holiday home in the sun,

But if you live with pain every day,

You have only one dream

To be pain free….

So, I did some research on living with pain. There are so many interesting tips to cope with pain and to live life to the fullest.

First is to understand and accept the pain. Mental stress will only increase the intensity of pain and thus it is essential to be calm, relaxed and accepting. Using mindfulness to regain control can be helpful.

Second one is pacing. It is one of the key skills to learn and use. It helps us to become more active, stronger and healthier. It’s about when to take a break from an activity before it makes us tired or is too painful to continue and thus to achieve our goals slowly but steadily.

Next important tip is to learn a skill called SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, rewarding and timed) goal setting. It helps us to focus on the important things and also makes us more confident by achieving the goals. Sleep, healthy foods, exercise and mindfulness also plays a significant role in controlling the pain and to live the life at it’s fullest. It is also really important to return to work or to stay in work as it helps to distract our mind from pain and also to keep us active. Don’t forget the pain killers and physical therapy as prescribed by the doctors because it will help to keep us moving.

A message to someone who is in chronic pain

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

Helen Keller

Please keep me posted about the topic as I really love to read them.

24 thoughts on “I Dream To Be Pain Free…

  1. What wonderful advice, Joyce. My husband lives with mild, but chronic, pain. And I would agree that more than anything else, he’d like to be pain free. I’ll be sure to share your tips with him. Thank you.

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