To Be Or Not To Be

“To be or not to be” , a quote from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is very popular where Hamlet questions the pros and cons to live or to die. It’s really tragic when someone has to even think about that. It’s about weighing your current situation and choosing which one you want – life or death.

Life has given us so many opportunities. It shows us the wonderful feelings of love and being loved, a smile of someone special, to trust and to be trusted and joy of togetherness. It also blesses us with health and talent. So, do we really have to give up on life when something doesn’t work for some reason? No, I don’t think so. And what does death give us? If we believe in scriptures then it does says heaven and hell. But they never agree on taking own life to attain that.

I met a woman who is ill but can do all her daily activities independently. She has a great family to support her and who really care about her. But the sickness and the fear of coronavirus made her to think that it’s better to inject and kill herself rather than to live. She doesn’t have covid-19 but she is afraid that what if she gets it and how is she going to survive it. So what was it, fear of death or afraid to live when things are worse? One can only assume here, right?

I think we all have the right to be happy in our lives but we also should take our bad days with a good attitude. Nothing is permanent and change is imminent. The most amazing fact about life is that it never fails to give surprises. So keep your arms wide open and be ready to receive your gifts because that’s what makes us alive. The joy, excitement, disappoinment and pain makes this life whole. So, it always should “to be” and never “not to be”.

Kindly give your opinions on the same as I would like to know what you think about it.

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