The Wise Woman

I thought it was just an ordinary day when I started my work in the morning. But, you never know how the day changes to an extraordinary one when you meet an angel in person and I saw one yesterday.

A woman in her elderly age, mother of four children and grandmother of five is fighting with cancer which has spread almost everywhere. She knows she has only few months to live and is in severe pain. So, what is so special about her?

When I went to give her medicine, she greeted me with a smile and started a conversation. I felt that the room was filled with positive energy. She told me that she was a nurse for about forty years and has seen several changes in the medical field. She also told me that she always wanted to be a nurse because of her father. Her father was a war prisoner and was saved by the German nurses. She believes in humanity above all.

Everytime I go to her room, even before I ask her how is she, she asks me how am I doing with a smile on her face. The person who is suffering from severe pain hopes that she could help me in doing my job. She said that she is well prepared for the day and is hoping to spend the rest of the life with her family especially her grandchildren whom she loves a lot.

The woman who is kind, caring and full of love and optimism gave me an advice too. It was, “Never take time and little things in your life for granted as they are the most valuable in the end”.

As my shift ended, one thing that I was sure of was that I’m never going to forget that wise woman and her words of wisdom in my life. An angel in person indeed!!

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