Look, Listen And Feel!

Everyone who has done a training on basic life support would know that the caption ” Look, Listen and Feel” indicates to look for the signs of life and to listen and feel the breath to save other man’s life. What if the same caption can have a great impact on our day today life in a positive way?

Look for the beauty of life. It’s not easy sometimes, if you are suffering a lot physically, mentally and emotionally. But if you try harder every single day then it can become a habit. Every morning what I look for is the beautiful smile of my daughter. It gives me an energy for the rest of the day and a reason to be grateful for my life. It can be really simple things like a vast blue sky, a sunrise or watching the birds fly.

Listen to the sounds of nature like giggles of a child, gentle chirping of small animals and birds, roll of ocean waves or roar of a thunderstorm. These sounds can be so calming and relaxing that they are even used for meditation. Some of them can also be used to induce sleep incase you are struggling with sleeplessness.

Last but not the least, feel it. It’s always good to feel the sun, wind and rain but we should not forget to feel our emotions such as happiness, anger or frustration. Nowadays, it’s considered as weakness to express our emotions. Our lives have become more robotic and we are trained to bottle up our emotions until it gets to a breaking point. I have always relied on expressing my emotions by drawing, writing or even just talking to a friend. It helps to open up my mind without me causing passive aggressiveness and damaging others lives.

In conclusion, look, listen and feel to feel alive and be happy about it because it’s the greatest gift that you can have.

It’s just a little thing that matters to me a lot. So, what’s yours?

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