A Short Walk

Most of the days, I walk to and back from my work. It’s always a brisk walk as I don’t want to be late for work. Yesterday, when I stepped out of my house I saw this beautiful site.

Nature has always given me an inspiration and its really required when you are going for 12-13 hours shift in a hospital. So, this 30 minutes walk to and from my work, listening to my favourite songs not only recharges my body but also my mind.

On my way, I get to see other wonderful sites too.

While coming back, physically it’s really difficult to walk but I do it anyway because it helps to clear my head. I rewind everything that happened all the day. The fresh air and music helps me to relax and calm my mind. So when I reach home, I’m ready for my family. It’s just a little thing that matters to me a lot.

What do you do after long working hours to refresh your mind?

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